About us

You love the planet but don't want to stop travelling. That's why greentravelguides.tv aims to give you all the information you need to make the greenest-possible travel choices.

Our videos highlight destinations, hotels, tour and transport operators who've gone out of their way to reduce their environmental impact. That might mean a cycle borrowing scheme in Paris, a green spa in Yorkshire... or an African national park that would otherwise be lost if it wasn't for visitor support.

greentravelguides.tv is run by Wildside (UK) Productions the first TV company in the world to specialise in sustainable tourism. The company has won national and global awards for its travel and conservation programmes.

the frog has been adopted as our symbol because the health of its environment has a direct impact on the well-being of the animal 10 ways to enjoy a low-carb holiday...
  1. See your own country first
  2. Choose a hotel, B&B, campground or resort that operates sustainably
  3. Avoid short haul airlines - take the train
  4. If you have to fly, use public transport to get to the airport
  5. Taking fewer, longer trips is greener than several short breaks, particularly if you're flying
  6. Swap hire cars for local public transport
  7. Eat local, seasonal produce and buy souvenirs from local suppliers
  8. Avoid air con and switch off appliances and lights in hotels
  9. Go easy on water - short showers, check for dripping taps
  10. Wherever possible, avoid plastic bottles and containers - and if you must use then reuse and recycle