The Bluefield Bay fish sanctuary, Jamaica

Overfishing doesn’t just upset the balance of nature. It has a catastrophic impact on fishing communities who depend on healthy fish stocks for their livelihood.


That’s why the fishermen of Bluefields Bay in Jamaica decided to take matters into their own hands and sort out a problem that had devastated their economy.


They spent several years persuading the Jamaican government to set Bluefields aside as a marine sanctuary. Thanks to their efforts, fishing is now banned within the bay and the mangrove swamps are being protected so that fish will once again breed in the shallows.


The sanctuary has been in place three years and already larger fish are being sighted around Bluefields.The project has created jobs where non existed. People living along the coast are employed as wardens and there are plans to introduce boat and dive tours as the ecosystem recovers. The project is supported by the Tourism Foundation, Caribsave and Virgin Holidays. For info about the project, look at The Travel Foundationand for holidays to the area go to Virgin Holidays.