The Outer Hebrides of James MacLetchie

About this holiday

People have been living in the southern islands of the Outer Hebrides for about 8,000 years. They have created a sustainable farming landscape able to support people and nature.


Yet their lives are changing. Many people on these islands were fishermen but over-fishing has forced them to find new ways to make a living.


Fishermen like James MacLetchie are now working as wildlife guides in the islands of the Uists and neighbouring Barra. These islands are home to the biggest colonies of mute swans in Britain along with redshanks, corncrakes and golden plovers. You’ll spot short eared owls swooping low across the roads and buzzards perching on lamp posts. This is also a great place to come if you’re interested in rare plants. In early summer, North and South Uist and Barra are covered in drifts of wildflowers, fluffy bog cotton and native orchids.


How to help

  • Use local wildlife guides who champion the wild
  • Travel by ferry